English Language Services
English Language Tutoring


One-on-one tutoring is an ideal situation for any student who needs help in a specific area in English. The whole focus is on you and your individual learning goals.

Proofreading English

Editing and Proofreading

Make sure your documents are professional and error-free by having me proofread and edit them.

English Language Coaching

Professional Coaching

Are you looking to fast-track your learning? As your coach, I can help you reach your goals faster and more easily.

Turkish English Translation

English-Turkish Translation

I am proficient in both Turkish and English. I have language degrees from both American and Turkish universities. As a linguist, I can translate your documents so they sound great in both languages.

English as a Second Language

ESL Mentoring

As an ESL teacher for over 25 years and as someone who also learned English as a second language, I have the tools to mentor you and supercharge your learning.

English Language Academy

YICLE Academy

An innovative answer for English learners. Get access to free tools and a supportive community that can help you learn English easier and faster. 

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About Me

Helping students improve their English skills has been my passion and the reason I have made it my life’s work. I love to teach and have been doing just that for over 25 years. I have taught at high schools, universities, colleges, and language institutions, in addition to private tutoring. I have the tools to help you. My education includes three university degrees: English Teaching, Applied Linguistics, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). I have worked with students of all ages from all over the world.   I would like to help you with your specific needs and assist you in reaching your goals.


“Meryem taught me that there is a huge difference between knowing something and understanding it. Her passion for teaching helped me tremendously, in ways beyond imaginable. She is truly one of the teachers who changed my life and I will never forget.” Mercelle

“Meryem was experienced, patient and helped me to conquer all my challenges. Thanks to her, I got good grades in class, which gave me confidence to pursue further studies.” Mustafa

“I had low speaking and vocabulary skills in English. Meryem’s teaching style and her encouragement helped me to improve.”

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