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Yes, you can learn English more easily and quickly with my free app.

Yes, I Can Help You Learn English Faster!

Welcome to Yes, I Can Learn English. My name is Meryem Kennedy. I have taught English to many students from all over the world for over 25 years. I can help you improve your English skills and reach your goals faster.

As a teacher, I have always wanted to create a tool that would assist English language learners like you. I have done just that with my free YICLE Academy app. Please take a minute and check it out.  – Meryem

What is YICLE Academy?

Tools that Increase Your Skills

English Language Services

Instant Access to the Tools You Need

Having helpful links at your fingertips can make a big difference in your learning. The YICLE Academy app gives you instant access to all the tools you need to learn English faster

Tutoring in English

Watch Videos to Sharpen Your Skills

Sharpen your English skills with a specific video lesson or an in-depth video-based course.  These are fun, teacher-led presentations that are available anywhere and anytime.

Learn Directly with the Teacher

English Language Services

Attend Live Online Classes

Improve your skills by taking an online class with me. Live classes are fun interactive sessions that focus on what you need to improve your skills in English.

Tutoring in English

Schedule a  Tutoring Session

Tutoring is the ideal solution for any language learner who needs work in a specific area. Get the help you need directly from me and supercharge your learning!

Getting the Help You Need

English Language Services

Ask a Question. Get an Answer

Do you have a question about English? Ask it in the app and get it answered quickly. Chat with me to get the help you need.

Tutoring in English

Connect with Others Like You

The YICLE Academy community is made up of students just like you from all over the world. Connect with others, make friends, and get the support you need to reach your goals.

Meryem Kennedy

About Your Teacher

I have the qualifications and the experience to help you learn English. 

 Over 25 years of teaching English

Thousands of students taught

 Students of all ages and levels from around the world

B.A. in English

 M.A. in Applied Linguistics

M.A. in Teaching English to
Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


What I Can Do for You



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English – Turkish


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Editing / Proofreading


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ESL Mentoring

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Yes, I Can Learn English

Yes, You Can!

With Support

You can…

 get that job
 get your degree
 get better grades
 get started!

With Teamwork

You will…

 stay focused
 stay motivated
 stay Informed
 stay on your path!

With YICLE Academy

With YICLE Academy, you have all the tools you need to succeed.

You have the tools to…

 become proficient in English
 pass important exams
 get a great job
 achieve your dreams!

What Students Say


Mrs. Kennedy was experienced and patient and helped me conquer all my challenges.


YICLE Student

Ms. Kennedy’s instruction and encouragement helped me to have more self-confidence in public. 


YICLE Student

Mrs. Kennedy’s passion for teaching English manifests through her structured course work and well-thought-out topics.


YICLE Student

Mrs. Kennedy’s teaching methods make anyone want to learn more. Even after 12 years of speaking the language, I can always learn a thing or two from her. I attribute it to her lifelong learner attitude. 


YICLE Student

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