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I’m Meryem.

I’ve been teaching English for more than 30 years. I can help you start learning English or improve your reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. With my assistance, you can reach your goals quickly. Your first session is free, so you can see if my teaching style suits you.

Teaching English

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Meryem Kennedy

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Tutoring is the ideal solution for any learner who needs work in a specific area. Get the help you need directly from me and supercharge your learning!

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What Students Say


Mrs. Kennedy was experienced and patient and helped me conquer all my challenges.


YICLE Student

Ms. Kennedy’s instruction and encouragement helped me to have more self-confidence in public. 


YICLE Student

Mrs. Kennedy’s passion for teaching English manifests through her structured course work and well-thought-out topics.


YICLE Student

Mrs. Kennedy’s teaching methods make anyone want to learn more. Even after 12 years of speaking the language, I can always learn a thing or two from her. I attribute it to her lifelong learner attitude. 


YICLE Student

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