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Listening Skills

Let’s be honest. It is difficult to start a conversation or join one if you cannot understand what is being talked about. It takes both listening and speaking skills to communicate with people. I can help you with daily phrases and idioms that can be hard to understand. 

Even as an English teacher with two degrees, when I arrived at the airport in New York, I had an embarrassing experience. It was because I did not know the everyday phrases people use to communicate.

Living in the United States for over 20 years, I have learned many of these phrases, and I can help you with that.

I have some techniques I can teach you to improve your listening skills so you will be confident in your interactions with others, formally or informally.

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Speaking Skills

Speaking can be a roadblock to many language learners. We cannot say we know a language if we cannot speak it. We may know of a language in terms of its basic structure, how it sounds, or how it looks on paper. 

I have so far studied German, French, and Spanish. I cannot say I know them; I cannot speak in them fluently. I can read and understand the meaning of written materials. I can guess at the meanings of words. Even in some, I can understand what is spoken to a small degree. However, speaking is key.

Speaking is one of the active skills of languages. You need to be talking to someone. You need to open your mouth and speak words! I have been through it. I have done it. I am a proficient speaker in English right now.

I have some tools for you to get confidence and improve your speaking skills. Trust me; it can be done. Let me be your guide!



Do you have a question about speaking skills?

An Affordable and Complete Alternative

YICLE Academy is a convenient, user-friendly, and accessible learning platform where you can improve your language skills at an affordable price. 

Years Teaching

Cumhuriyet University in Sivas, Turkey

Baran Private High School in Bursa, Turkey

Anglo Dil Language School in Bursa, Turkey

Cesar Chavez High School in Phoenix, AZ

McClintock High School in Tempe, AZ

Mountain Pointe High School in Phoenix, AZ 

Rio Salado Community College in Phoenix, AZ

Chandler Gilbert Community College in Gilbert, AZ

Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ

Mesa Community College in Mesa, AZ

College Degrees

B.A. in Teaching English

M.A. in Applied Linguistics

M.A. in Teaching English to 

Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


Brazil, China, Colombia

Egypt, Eritrea, Guatemala

Haiti, India, Indonesia, 

Iran, Iraq, Japan

Jordan, Korea, Kuwait,

Mexico, Pohn Pei, Russia 

Saudi Arabia, Slovakia

Sudan, Syria,Tanzania

Turkey, Venezuela, Vietnam

Students Taught

English Grammar

English Writing

English Reading

English Literature

TESOL Preparation

English Listening and Speaking

My Second Language

*Just like you, I learned English as a foreign language in Turkey, where I grew up. I understand your struggles, and I can help you overcome them. We can work together so that you will reach your goals with confidence and ease. Let me be your guide on your journey towards mastering English.

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I Am Qualified to Teach You

I have three university degrees: English Teaching, Applied Linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Thanks to my extensive studies, I can teach anyone English. It is my passion, which is why I have made teaching English my life’s work. Join me on this quest, and I can make learning enjoyable and effortless.

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I Have the Experience

I have been an English teacher for over 25 years. I have taught at high schools, universities, college, and language institutions, in addition to private tutoring. I have met students from all over the world. I understand your specific needs, and I can assist you in reaching your goals. Take this next step, and I will be here to help.

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